Sunday, 16 July 2017


King Faro - Fun
King Faro - Fun

Release Date: Out Now

So, strange thing, there is an advert for the DVD release of Beauty and the Beast that was playing at the start of this track due to me being too pure to get ad free Soundcloud. No biggie but the advert blended in to the soft melody at the start of this new release from King Faro. The New Jersey rapper is bringing ‘Fun’ as his new release and it’s a superbly light and summery slice of R’n’B tinged with a sense of sadness that you get at the end of a Sunday or when summer starts to die. Lyrically, this is pretty standard fare about girls, sex and, well, fun but it’s the music that makes this an intriguing listen as the keyboard melody floats on a warm breeze in to your subconscious. More beauty than the beast.

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