Saturday, 13 December 2014


Vitamin - Did It For You 
Vitamin - Did It For You

The ever burgeoning Leeds scene has spewed out another talented bunch in the shape of indie-dream-poppers Vitamin. The band's new single, 'Did It For You', is a delightful blend of bouncing Dutch Uncles guitars, MGMT stadium pop and Bombay Bicycle Club indie savvy. Throw in a pulsating bass line, drums that shimmy and a whole suite of ambient electronics and you're getting somewhere close. This is the kind of band that should absolutely nail the festival circuit in the summer of 2015 as this music has British summer written all over it. In fact, if this isn't used as the bed for a  Glastonbury or Wimbledon montage next year then I'll eat my hat (with strawberries and cream, natch).

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