Thursday, 4 December 2014


Stephen Emmer & Julian Lennon - Sleep For England (X-Mas Version) [Electric Fairytale
Stephen Emmer & Julian Lennon - Sleep For England

Release Date: 15th December 2014

Stop. Emmer time. Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyhow, unlikely baggy pants aside, this festive single from LWM favourite Stephen Emmer features Julian Lennon and goes by the name of 'Sleep For England'. At first listen it isn't the most instantly festive song but as you let things wash over you there is a certain wintry calm to the tune which conjures up images of a snowy day as seen through small cottage windows. The swelling melodies are further embellished by, yes, you guessed it, a children's choir as the low toned vocals sing soporifically of sleep. This, I've decided, is the new anthem for Christmas afternoon when bellies are full and the fire is roaring. Bravo gents, now pass the port.

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