Saturday, 13 December 2014


David Morin - Life Goes On 
David Morin - Life Goes On

On first viewing, Vancouver artist David Morin could be taken for a bit a douche. The kind of guy who turns up in a good looking US sit com as the new love interest for the lead female character. Something like New Girl. Anyway, looks has nothing to do with music so I'll shut my eyes and carry on. What Morin's new single, 'Life Goes On', actually sounds like is a blend of Bruno Mars, Jack Johnson, Justin Timberlake and a whole host of up tempo, positive pop artists that write songs that sound wonderful cruising around in the sunshine but less good stuck in traffic on a cold, wet night when you just want to be at home. There is slick production, a smooth new soul voice and some intriguingly skittish instrumentation that owes a lot to the funk movement. I'm not sure I could cope with a whole album of this but it's not a bad example of the soul-pop so it has its merits.

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