Thursday, 4 December 2014


Betty Who - Convertible Nights 
Betty Who - Convertible Nights

If I told you Betty Who was a svelte Aussie pop princess peddling uplifting melodies full of fun and sass you'd probably tell me that we've already got one of those and to jog on. But hold on there, soldier, this is no Kylie copyist. No, Betty Who is more 21st century and has taken her influences from a more modern source. Take 'All Of You', for instance, which opens the EP and is full of Katy Perry's energy and Ellie Goulding's breathless vocals. 'Alone Again' is more wistful and while still retaining the Perry influence there is something more Robyn-esque about this one. Then comes 'Runaways' which has a throbbing, seductive bass line and a sense of mischief that will have teenage girls singing along in shared defiance while middle aged women sing along in bars across the world, finding their escape in the bottom of a wine glass - it's a Friday night anthem in the making. The final track in this collection is, ironically, called 'Lovin Start' and is a delight in backwards electro-soul with the odd 80s influence in the guitars but otherwise a thoroughly modern feel. All in all, Betty Who presents a light, refreshing pop alternative with an occasional dark edge - perfect.

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