Saturday, 6 December 2014


Baywaves - The Freak Kingdom 
Baywaves - The Freak Kingdom

Once a duo but now a quartet, Baywaves hail from Spain and plough a fine furrow in dreamy, spaced out, retro indie-pop. New single 'The Freak Kingdom' is a delightful aural watercolour masterpiece of blended colours, washes and trickling organs that fills the air and all of your senses at once. I don't want to use the laziest of all journalistic clichés but for once I can genuinely say that these guys sound like Vampire Weekend or the Dandy Warhols on acid - which is really saying something considering both of those bands were probably on acid in the first place. A Shatner-esque spoken word middle eight completes the tapestry and you're left wondering what just happened and why you've never let it happen to you before.

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