Saturday, 22 November 2014


Rivertairs - Jack 
Rivertairs - Jack

Do you remember Space? 'Female Of The Species' and all that? Yeah, well their singer thinks Mancunian band Rivertairs are just peachy so read in to that what you will. The band's new single, 'Jack', is an homage to Jack The Ripper rather than Jack Nicholson, Jack White or Jack Daniels....or any other Jack for that matter. The tune itself is a jaunty, indie romp that the likes of the Raconteurs or the Fratellis would be proud of. Scratchy, sharp guitars bounce around atop a grumbling bass line and clipped drums before the gang vocals kick in and seal the deal. This isn't necessarily a song that will slay stadiums but if you're after two and a half minutes of cheeky, Northern indie then you probably shouldn't bother looking any further.

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