Saturday, 22 November 2014


Nicky - Wake Up 
Nicky - Wake Up 

Another mysterious one here as Swedish chap Nicky is a little hard to track down on that old internet. 'Wake Up' however is easy to find (largely because I'm bringing it to you and ramming it down your throat) and when you find it you'll see that it's a slice of gorgeous, bitter-sweet country-folk with a modern, dark approach. Nicky's voice is somewhere between Cash and Cave but looks wise he is a purple haired elf adrift on a lake of uncertainty. The simple, pure acoustic melody with skiffle inspired rhythm are perfect for a song that is full of hope and despair in equal measure, especially considering Nicky's voice is so wonderfully rich but dark - like a treacle pudding with extra treacle. If Nicky really does live in a cave and has minimal internet presence then it's alright by me as long as he emerges once in a while to share a gem like this with the world.

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