Saturday, 1 November 2014


Emile Bernard - City Of 
Emile Bernard - City Of

I can't work out if Emile Bernard is a man or a collective of people but I'm not sure it really matters, does it? New single 'City Of' is a delightfully opulent piece of indie balladry that trembles and quivers under the weight of its foppishness. Channelling the likes  of the Divine Comedy, My Life Story, Midlake and myriad Scandinavian popsters, Emile Bernard creates a complex of web of guitars, piano, vocal harmonies and the merest smattering of drums to keep things nudging along. If you imagine a parallel universe where the Smiths had a good day and Keane finally understood what the word 'sweeping' meant in relation to music then you're bang on. You'll probably be able to find out what the point of Made In Chelsea is while you're there - don't bother to tell me.

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