Saturday, 18 October 2014


CuckooLander - CuckooLander EP 
CuckooLander - CuckooLander EP 

Female solo acts from London seem to be ten-a-penny at the moment but few are as sassy, talented and, well, cool as the mysterious CuckooLander. This three track EP is wearing a battered leather jacket with a stars and stripes patch on the shoulder despite being thoroughly British in its origins. Lead track 'Dumb Dee Diddy Dumb' is less Manfred Mann and more Karen O sleepily jamming with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, despite the title, and the croaky, sensual edges to CuckooLander's voice make it all the more appealing. The dirty, growling bass line of 'What's Out There' provides the perfect counterbalance to that soulful, poppy voice which give the song a Florence + The Machine vibe. Final track, 'All The Way', is a sparse stab at the Motown vibe as played in an abandoned working men's club on a grey Sunday afternoon but the rich, soulful tones of this chanteuse weave colour and magic in to the song. Beautiful stuff which deserves more than a solitary listen - style AND substance, if you will.

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