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Teenage Wildlife - Most Beautiful Thing/The Last Great Love Affair 
Teenage Wildlife - Most Beautiful Thing/The Last Great Love Affair

Just to give this a bit of background, Teenage Wildlife is a project centred around photographer John Wright with collaborations from Paul Weller, John Taylor and Johnny Marr with the express purpose of creating a soundtrack for the film Savile Row Is Rock'n'Roll - itself a project courtesy of GQ magazine. Now that we know that, we can concentrate on this single release and whether the music that is created by such a project is actually any good. The first of the two tracks, 'Most Beautiful Thing', is a chilled out late night jam with a dubby beat, a sultry bass line and some soulful vocals - interestingly the identity of the female vocalist is a secret due to legal wrangling but whoever it is the voice is hugely appealing. 'The Last Great Love Affair' has a little more edge to it but, as with the opening track, is largely disappointing as a piece of song writing with very little actually happening in amongst all the processed beats, horns and vocal effects. In terms of music for an extended promo reel for Savile Row then I have nothing against this but if it were released as a stand-alone single it would be a faint blip on my radar I'm afraid.

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