Saturday, 13 September 2014


Honours - Bulletproof 
Honours - Bulletproof

I do love it when a band comes along and they manage to retain an element of enigma about them. All I know about trio Honours is that they're from London, one of them is called Conkey and they are influenced by the pop side of 80s and 90s music. And they like cricket, that's how I can differentiate them from 10CC. 'Bulletproof' is pure and unadulterated pop with light, 80s guitars and some contemporary beats puncturing the cheesy 90s synths with gorgeous regularity. Are they the Brother Beyond or Bros of our generation? Probably not but they are a lot of fun and with the right video and promo this could go a long way. This is the kind of song that cries out for the return of Saturday morning TV like Going Live or SM:TV/CD:UK so the band could have a mainstream platform to launch from.

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