Saturday, 30 August 2014


The Garden - Cloak 
The Garden - Cloak

Have you ever wondered what a collaboration between Flat Eric and Liam Lynch would sound like? Really? You do surprise me. Well, if you had wondered then you'll be pleased to know that Orange duo The Garden have the answer. New release 'The Cloak' is full of throbbing electro noises and the barks of confused, angry young men who just want to burn things and watch the flames die out. Slowly. They have an energy that is infectious and a sound that I could imagine John Peel doing his nut over - and by doing his nut I mean having an extra ginger nut with his cup of tea. I'd say these guys have a big future but they've probably already split up and formed a spin off group doing ironic covers of their own songs. Kids today, eh?

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