Rokkurro - The Backbone 
Rokkurro - The Backbone

Release Date: 11th August 2014

It wasn't always the case but nowadays when a new act emerges from the volcanic terrain of Iceland people tend to get a bit excited. A few years ago Rokkurro caused a ripple and now they are back to cause something of a wave with new single 'The Backbone', a song that starts like you would imagine Fleetwood Mac might if they had been frozen immediately after recording Rumours and only thawed out when studio technology had sufficiently progressed. The gentle, elemental undulations of the simple guitar and synth melody are nudged along by some unassuming drumming through some gorgeous key changes. On top of this musical landscape is the dancing, skipping vocal performance of Hildur Kristin Stefansdottir which is sublime and beautifully mimicked by a sparse piano line. Truly gorgeous, sumptuous pop with a soul but don't take my word for it, give it a listen.

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