In-Anna - I Feel Alive (Ciantar Records) 
In-Anna - I Feel Alive

When the likes of Phil Collins, Steven Tyler, Alicia Keys and Don Henley are convened to judge a songwriting competition and your tune is up for judgement I don't care who you are, that's got to make you nervous. When the song that is being judged actually wins the competition then that's got to be one of those moments where you realise that you're doing something right. In-Anna is a Glastonbury born but California resident singer-songwriter with such acclaim to her name and new single 'I Feel Alive' is not the hippyish folk tune I had expected. Instead this is a high octane, 80s influenced dance tune with pounding beats and a Billy Idol meets Rudimental feel that is bound to make this a success with both nightclubs and high intensity exercise classes.

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