Band Of Holy Joy - A Place Called Home (Radio Joy) 
Band Of Holy Joy - A Place Called Home

Release Date: 25th August 2014

Sometimes there are bands that feel like they might have missed their prime era and Band Of Holy Joy are one such band. The London collective are back with a new single, 'A Place CAlled Home', and all its luxurious strings, subdued rhythms and sparse guitars belong in the 90s on a bill with Gene, Geneva, My Life Story and the Divine Comedy. There is a delicious bleakness to this shambling, shuffling ditty that you just want to wrap yourself up in like a blanket on a grey October Sunday when you have a hangover and no suitable food in the house. Go on, indulge yourself.

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Live Dates:

15th August - 12 Bar Club, London w/ The Long Decline + David J Hull


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