Saturday, 12 July 2014


Little Ghost - Flowers 
Little Ghost - Flowers

Canadian Marcel Piscione is a creator of electronic, chilled out tunes interspersed with the kind of unhinged creativity that Eels and Beck are famed for. 'Flowers' is no exception and the spoken word vocals rife with vinyl crackle make a perfect accompaniment to the laid back guitar strums that float atop the clicks and dull thuds of the beats. This is the kind of music that soundtracks your dreams - not the fun ones or the nightmares but the ones that are just plain surreal, like the time I dreamt that I had my entire family around for a Sunday Roast dinner and they all revealed that they had been vegetarian for years but had been collectively hiding it from me as a joke. As this song reaches a strange but uplifting end the likes of Gilbert, Bent and Lemon Jelly spring to mind and that is fine and rarefied company to be in so Marcel Piscione (aka Little Ghost) should be proud.

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