Thursday, 15 May 2014


Ulla Nova - Kid From London 
Ulla Nova - Kid From London

Ulla Nova is one of those artists who is either going to be huge or will be the slightest flash in the pan followed by a lifetime of "I could have been a contender" fuelled drinking benders. No half measures here. The debut single from the London based chanteuse, 'Kid From London', starts off with the banjo sound from my first Casio keyboard before bursting to life with a full on dirty pop stomper of a tune. Part M.I.A., part Gwen Stefani, part Kylie and a little bit Robyn, Ulla Nova certainly has the pop chops on this evidence but let's see if she can follow it up with more than a flash in the pan. And maybe some outrageous behaviour just to keep the tabloids interested.

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