Saturday, 19 October 2013


The Great Dictators - Sleep/Coming Back In Style 
The Great Dictators - Sleep/Coming Back In Style

Well, well, well. What have we here? Seven strapping young men from Denmark under the collective name The Great Dictators bringing us dark, treacly, sinisterly psychotic indie-pop. That's what we have here. The four tracks on this EP kick off with 'Sleep' which, if you're a fan of Nick Cave, Interpol, Trent Reznor, is an absolute must listen. 'Coming Back In Style' has a little more hope about the music but the lyrics are distinctly morose and could only come from a land where the landscape is bleak and beautiful at the same time. Then come two sketched out songs which are simply beautiful in their simplicity and sparseness. 'Memphis' borders on the rawness of Johnny Cash's 'Hurt' with a low strummed acoustic guitar and a deep, rich, world weary voice singing alone in the early hours of a blood stained morning. The picked notes that introduce 'One Of Us' lift the spirits and the song features the bonkersly genius lyrics of "Don't worry I won't spill drugs on you any more, or piss on your wrists when you sleep". As far as a taster goes, this has definitely whet my appetite and got me itching for more so let's hope it's a long winter for our Danish cousins and they have plenty of time to spend inside writing more darkly rich ballads fuelled by strong alcohol and a macabre view of the world.  

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