Sunday, 13 October 2013


Death In Texas - Pluck EP 
Death In Texas - Pluck EP

Release Date: 7th October

Regular readers of Listen With Monger will recognise the name Death In Texas as a couple of their previous singles have tantalised my audio taste buds in the past. The latest EP brings previous singles 'Oil & The Water' and 'Fear Of The Hundred' together with 2 new tracks to tie together this period of their musical production. For my opinion of the first two tracks, you might as well read the reviews elsewhere on this blog but I'm going to concentrate on the two newer tunes in this review. The first of these, 'Sonic Switchblade', is typically grandiose as neo-classical piano, thumping drums and droned bass notes merge the stylings of Regina Spektor, Muse and Tori Amos delightfully. The husband and wife duo of Kane and Ruth Power have found a fantastic niche and this EP shows that off perfectly. Final track 'Pluck' is full of relentlessly rippling piano riffs and sweeping cymbals that Matt Bellamy would be proud of and you would be entirely unsurprised to see these guys performing alongside Jools Holland on his TV show such is the quality of their musicianship and originality of thought - I'm fairly sure the musical pixie would still try and boogie-woogie it up but, hey, that's his thing, right? I'm not sure where Death In Texas go from here as this music is too big to be played in pubs around London town but they need that following before they can get on to the bigger stages. It's a conundrum, that's for sure...

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