Saturday, 3 August 2013


Hana Piranha - Thin Air 
Hana Piranha - Thin Air

Ms Piranha is an angry woman. An angry woman with a violin. Now I've always seen the violin as an instrument that can express a huge range of emotions from joy and playfullness to sorrow and pain but I don't think I've ever heard a violin used to convey anger, such as on 'Thin Air'. It gives what would otherwise be a fairly run of the mill indie rock track, an air of malevolence, menace and danger which is mirrored by Piranha's deep, borderline unhinged vocals. To enjoy this song is to embrace that feeling you get at the top of a 15 storey building when, just for a brief second, you consider what it would be like to jump and give yourself over to gravity and fate. Dark and menacing but tempting and tantalising; a dangerously beautiful combination.

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