Thursday, 18 July 2013


Spring Offensive - Speak 
Spring Offensive - Speak

I'm not a fan of 'scenes' in music as it all just seems like an easy way to group bands together for the sake of selling t-shirts and posters. However, there definitely seems to be a movement of articulate, intricate and carefully crafted indie bands haunting the airwaves at the moment. From the Maccabees and Foals to Dutch Uncles and Everything Everything, there are some great bands at various stages of their careers which, inevitably brings more in their wake as people try to copy the blueprint for success. I'm not suggesting for one moment that Spring Offensive have been this calculating but they certainly fit in to that 'scene'. 'Speak' is all angles and off-kilter beats with lyrics about that oft-cited problem of man's inability to communicate his feelings. The danger with genre, whatever it's called, is that it walks a fine line between being genuinely captivating and being, well, Coldplay. Spring Offensive are aware of this danger and despite a few wobbles they stay on the right side of the balance beam....just. There is also a remix of this single available from Tyde which is, well, let's just say it sounds like it's been done by a 12 year old who has discovered the Chipmunks and the pitch bend function on his laptop. The remix does nothing to improve the song - surely the point of a remix - but even without hearing the original I can't imagine thinking this would be worth listening to in its own right.

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