Thursday, 23 February 2017


Sisteray – Faaast Food (Vallance Records) 
Sisteray - Faaast Food

Release Date: Out Now

This is the second single I’ve received recently that comes in at under two minutes and I’m all for that distilled sense of purpose and trimming of the fat so I’m keen to see what London bunch Sisteray have to offer. ‘Faaast Food’ has a pleasing rattle about the guitars and a nicely driving thud about the drums which all compliments the fuzzy, distorted vocals that are fairly inaudible but that just adds to the spirit of this tune. This borders on punk but feeds from the gang mentality that the likes of the Libertines and Blur had in their earliest days. This the perfect set opener to get everyone’s attention and shut down their conversations to prepare for the main event to come. There’s an extensive UK tour starting tomorrow so get out and catch these guys if you can, you owe it to yourselves.  

Live Dates:

24th February – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London
25th February – The Zanzibar, Liverpool
8th March – The Joiners, Southampton
9th March – The Castle, Manchester
10th March – Henry’s Cellar, Edinburgh
11th March – Verve Bar, Leeds
16th March – Bleach, Brighton
17th March – Guns & Smoke, Barnet
24th March – Firebug, Leicester

31st March – Black Heart, London


Sky Katz & Unlocking The Truth – Rockstar 
Sky Katz - Rockstar

Release Date: Out Now

An 11-year-old rapper from Long Island who has risen to fame through a stint on America’s Got Talent sounds like something I would hate on most days of the week. However, Sky Katz and her collaborative efforts with Unlocking the Truth on ‘Rockstar’ are actually pretty entertaining. There’s a dark underbelly to the grimy guitars and scratched beats before Sky Katz breaks in with angry but fluid rapping. Sure, she sounds like a pissed off, bratty 11-year-old girl but when she hits the chorus of “rock and roll is all about soul” then she also kinda sounds like she could be singing on a Beastie Boys track. Sky Katz sounds angry but I’d father rather her an angry kid than a mass produced stooge singing songs about love that they can’t possibly understand. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

Monday, 20 February 2017


Claire – Friendly Fire
Claire - Friendly Fire

Release Date: Out Now

If what you’re lacking in life right now is some cool, sophisticated alt-pop with crisp, clean vocals and a driving rhythm then you’re in luck – I’ve found you Claire to fill that hole. New single ‘Friendly Fire’ could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Clean Bandit, Sia and Angie thanks to the slick production, dance floor filling choon building and a beat that just makes you want to move. Without seeing the band promo shot you could be forgiven for thinking that this is the work of a producer and guest vocalist but it’s not, this is five-piece collective who work together to make sweet, perky dance music with a real touch of class about it.

Watch The Video: 


Empty Lungs – Don’t Get It (Hidden Pony Records) 
Empty Lungs - Don't Get It

Release Date: Out Now

Belfast trio Empty Lungs are pissed off and, by their own admission, this new single is a massive “fuck you to a culture that warps young people into thinking that self-image and selfishness are the core values of our modern society”. ‘Don’t Get It’ is a blistering punk-pop track that comes in at under two minutes and is the bratty bastard son of the classic ‘Man Don’t Give a Fuck’ by the Super Furry Animals and Liam Lynch’s ‘Whatever’. There are handclaps, buzzsaw guitars, great vocals harmonies and a sense of breathless confusion and bewilderment at what the world is becoming. Maybe they’re getting, maybe they’re getting angry. Either way, it sounds great.

Live Dates:

14th March – Marr’s Bar, Worcester


Tears For Piers – Songs…..of sorts 
Tears For Piers 

Release Date: It’s out there

I don’t normally go much novelty songs but there is a special place in hell for certain people and those people deserve to have novelty songs written about them. Donald Trump, Michael Gove, Katie Hopkins – they’re all there drinking some horrible cocktail and, oh look, who’s this? It’s bloody Piers Morgan. Fortunately, we now have an appropriate soundtrack provided the self-professed foremost UK based Piers Morgan tribute band (probably in the world although there may be a superior act in Luxembourg).

This collection of songs includes the direct onslaught of ‘Everybody Wants to Punch My Face’ which features the strangely desperate and confused line “everywhere I go people just want to punch me in the face…”. Then there’s ‘Flout’ (aka ‘Shout’), a song dedicated to how the wobbly faced outrage-spout likes to blatantly ignore the laws of whichever country he happens to sucking his living out of. And then there’s the uber-poignant ‘Swallowing the Seed of Trump’ that would be more funny if it wasn’t to utterly fucking terrifying. Musically this isn’t the best thing in the world but at times like this we need protest and we need satire so these things need sharing.

More information: Oh hell no

Watch The Videos:

Everybody Wants to Punch My Face:

Swallowing the Seed of Trump:

Saturday, 18 February 2017


Michael James – Tomato Sauce 
Michael James - Tomato Sauce

Release Date: Out Now

I feel like Scotland hasn’t been sending me much music lately and I’m not sure what I’ve done to upset my Northern cousins (literally, I’m like an eighth Scottish) but I’m glad to have received this peace offering in the form of Aberdeenshire lad Michael James. This latest demo, ‘Tomato Sauce’, is a rippling acoustic number with a soft, shuffling beat and then there’s a voice that just leaps out at you from behind the curtains. Michael James’ voice is part Belle and Sebastian twee-indie and part 1930s novelty crooner which, surprisingly, really works as a delivery method but also as an attention grabbing calling card. There’s a jaunty melody that’s hard not to love despite the Bond-esque instrumental section and overall this has a personality all of its own which is a rarity these days. Let’s never fall out again Scotland… was probably your fault anyway.


Auction for the Promise Club – Moonlight 
Auction for the Promise Club - Moonlight
(Photo: Craig Taylor-Broad)

Release Date: Out Now

From the wilds of North Cornwall comes one of the most hotly tipped bands on my radar at the moment so I’m delighted to be able to share their music with you. Auction for the Promise Club hail from St Agnes but new single ‘Moonlight’ has a much more urban vibe about it. Vocalist Zoe White Chambers has one of those voices that seduces whilst setting you on edge as our nerves jangle along with the furious, garage inspired guitars. What is most appealing about this track, however, is that within just over 3 minutes Auction for the Promise Club take on a whole range of tempos and styles. The indie-rock core runs throughout but there are grunge elements, hints of garage and a pop sensibility the likes of which I haven’t heard since that first Sleigh Bells record. Then there are tender, delicate moments that ought to be ripped apart by the heat and intensity of the guitars but, like a Chinese lantern*, this song just soars in the night sky like a guiding beacon of hope.

*seriously though, don’t use them – they mess up the wildlife.