Saturday, 21 January 2017


Ten Tombs – Saccharine 
Ten Tombs - Saccharine

Release Date: Out Now

Now, I know what you’re thinking; Cheltenham isn’t your traditional hot bed of musical talent but nevertheless that’s where feisty quartet Ten Tombs are based so we’ve got to believe there’s something happening there. The band’s new single ‘Saccharine’ is an instantly lively indie-rock romp that would work on mainstream radio but has a dark underside that gives this artistic kudos. The smooth, almost funky guitars blend with a grumbling bass and grungy vocal to create a slacker vibe with enough nous to remember the importance of melody. Ten Tombs could be lumped in with the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen but for me there’s something more edgy, more youthful here that suggests they could come up with something really vital if they just get drunk enough. Youth, energy, a smattering of talent and a singing bassist – now that’s a combination that could light up any town, even Cheltenham.


Fufanu – Liability (One Little Indian Records) 
Fufanu - Liability 

Release Date: Out Now

Reykjavik trio Fufanu used to be a techno duo so we can safely assume that what we have here is some sort of musical evolution. This latest single from the Icelandic bunch, ‘Liability’, is a lively romp through post-punk and 70s French electro-disco in to a world that exists somewhere between LCD Soundsystem, the Go Team and Jona Lewie’s dead pan delivery. They synths are as organic as they come while the drums kick hard with a determination to make you move your sorry feet. At nearly four minutes long this is as ambitious as it is primal and the fuzzy tones that lead to the crescendo are a real thing of beauty to revel in.

Live Dates:

14th February – Gulliver’s, Manchester
15th February – Oporto, Leeds
17th February – Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow
20th February – The Flapper, Birmingham
21st February – The Lousiana, Bristol
22nd February – Kamio, London

23rd February – Green Door Store, Brighton 

Friday, 20 January 2017


Granfalloon – EFFY 
Granfalloon - EFFY

Release Date: Out Now

Granfalloon is essentially a vehicle from Mancunian musician Richard Lomax with a little help from guitarist Dave Bertram and new single ‘EFFY’ is a delicately poised sliver of indie that exists between the darkest of hours and the breaking of the dawn. Lomax’s rich, deep vocal croons over a melody that I would gladly be awoken by every day while a beat stutters in the background. Lomax is one of those artists that will persistently and consistently produce music of excellent quality without compromising for the benefit of mass appeal. This is art (without wanting to sound pretentious) and art sounds good in 2017.

Live Dates:

30th March – Sacred Holy Trinity, Manchester 


Stealth – How Much Further? (Chubby Puppy Media Ltd.) 
Stealth - How Much Further? 

Release Date: Out Now

Brummie lad Stealth is back with another track from his dark and syrupy mind and this time it’s the politically charged ‘How Much Further?’. Opening with a steady, determined thud, Stealth soon turns this in to an uptempo but downbeat Blues stomp with the spirit of rock’n’roll rebellion at its heart. ‘How Much Further?’ has a bit of Motown about its soul as well as a nod to pop within its melody. There’s a bit of Aloe Blacc going on here but what we have here is an honest, powerful and genuinely infectious tune with a message behind it. This isn’t about love, your ex or dancing in a club – this is about injustice and lord knows we need to talk about injustice and inequality right now. Stealth is one to watch and that’s not a phrase thrown around lightly here at LWM towers see keep ‘em peeled.

Listen Here:

Live Dates:

4th February – O2 Institute, Birmingham

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Flashes – The Upset 
Flashes - The Upset

Release Date: Out Now

Another year starts and yet another band emerges from the Badlands of Cornwall to see what the rest of the world has to say about the art they’ve been crafting in their hovel. Or maybe they’ve been living by the sea and existing on a diet of shrimp and cider. Who can tell? Either way, new single ‘The Upset’ starts with a sinister and slightly shifty beat before the whispered, shadowy vocals come floating in on a curl of cigarette smoke. The guitars twitch and stutter in the shadows with a hint of the Dick Dale’s about them as that persistent beat builds to prominence until it’s invading your personal space and breathing down your neck. By the time explodes around the two minute mark you have to be drawn in as the song evolves in to something akin to Kobadelta meets Radiohead with Robert Smith behind the production desk having listened to a steady diet of ‘Boy’ era U2. This is introspective stuff but with expansive soundscapes and that’s a hard combination to achieve.

More information:


Malka – Breakout 
Malka - Breakout

Release Date: 20th January 2017

There’s always a frisson of excitement when I receive a new release from Scottish artist Malka as she always goes the extra mile with her music and the accompanying visuals. New single ‘Breakout’ is no disappointment in either department as Malka (aka Tamara Schlesinger) comes out looking like a character from the capital in The Hunger Games but with a little more Bowie fantasy about her. Musically, ‘Breakout’ is a quirky, almost elfin tune that opens with just Malka’s vocals before a tribal rhythm beats out a message to the digital fireflies swirling in this genetically modified woodland glade. You see, Malka manages to create music that sounds organic, laden with heritage and potentially as old as the hills whilst simultaneously offering up something that feels futuristic, fresh and original. I guess it’s like Star Wars – it feels like the future but apparently it happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Fortunately for us, Malka is happening right now in our very own Galaxy. So, strap on your headdress and dance round the bonfire like tomorrow is years away.

Live Dates:

7th February – Single Launch @ Servant Jazz Quarters, London w/ James MacLaine

Monday, 16 January 2017


Lupe Fiasco – Jump feat. Gizzle (1st & 15th / Thirsty Tigers) 
Lupe Fiasco - Jump

Release Date: Out Now

Lupe Fiasco has drafted in the talents of hotly tipped MC Gizzle on new single ‘Jump’ and it definitely adds something to the song. The slow bouncing bass drone and up tempo clicks are kept moving by Lupe Fiasco’s relentless flow but it’s Gizzle’s Missy Elliot style guest spot that gives this a little style and class compared to all the other pretenders on the scene at the moment. There’s anticipation and build in this song which suggests something is about to kick off and with a new album out in February that might just be the case. Watch this space. Or better still, watch Lupe Fiasco’s space.