Thursday, 20 October 2016


Langfinger – Fox Confessor 
Langfinger - Fox Confessor

Release Date: Out Now

Swedish trio Langfinger have come to my attention via one of the best written bits of PR I’ve seen in a long time so, y’know, kudos for that. The band’s new single, ‘Fox Confessor’, is a balls to the wall slice of rock’n’roll that the likes of Jet and Wolf Mother have peddled so well in their time. There’s a relentless, remorseless sense to their music as the band chug and push through this four-minute behemoth with only one intention – to rock. The video takes a swipe at promoters giving bands a bum deal which is a common problem throughout the music world, it seems, but, speaking as a part-time promoter, I can confidently say I’d give these guys the shirt off my back if they rocked this hard at a show of mine. Devil horns to you gentlemen, devil horns.

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Sam Jordan & The Dead Buoys – My Nirvana (Oceans Post Transmission Co.)
Sam Jordan & The Dead Buoys - My Nirvana

Release Date: Out Now

The Brighton boys are back with a bit of a stormer of a single. ‘My Nirvana’ is the shuddering, Mariachi El Bronx meets Brother & Bones inspired new single from Sam Jordan & The Dead Buoys which includes some gloriously dramatic guitars and the kind of earth shaking drums that make your rib cage shake in the live arena. As Jordan’s meaty baritone booms out, you’re transported in to a lo-fi Tarantino film or an early 00s British gangster film featuring Ray Winstone. This is unapologetic, stark and stylish which is a hell of a combination and one that surely deserves more attention.

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Ani Di Franco – Play God (Righteous Babe Records)
Ani Di Franco - Play God

Release Date: Out Now

I once bought an Ani Di Franco CD for a girl I liked to impress her. It worked and we dated for a while. It’s not one of my better stories but significant but it’s pretty much the only time that my taste in music has helped me in the wooing of the opposite sex so it’s worth putting down in black and white for posterity. Di Franco’s new single, her first release in 2 years, comes in the form of the politically charged ‘Play God’ and the wonderful accompanying video. As singles go, this is a gloriously blues infused funk tune with a message to pass on to anyone who will listen all delivered by Di Franco’s distinctive voice – part subtlety and part ferocity. This is somewhere between Ana Calvi, the Indigo Girls when they get funky with their full band and Ben Harper with his Innocent Criminals which is a mighty fine Venn diagram to be in the middle of. Like the music that followed where Motown left off, this is politicised but funky, angry but soulful, pissed off but ready to dance. Pro-choice with a kick ass bass line, as the lady says “you don’t play God, I do”.

Live Dates:

8th November – Higher Ground, South Burlington
9th November – Hart Theatre at the Egg, Albany
11th November – Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn
12th November – Landmark on Main Street, Port Washington
14th November – Berklee Performing Arts Center, Boston
15th November – State Theatre, Portland
17th November – Calvin Theatre, Northampton
18th November – NY Society for Ethical Culture – Concert Hall, New York
19th November – NY Society for Ethical Culture – Concert Hall, New York

Monday, 17 October 2016


Kobadelta – The Metaphysical EP 
Kobadelta - The Metaphysical EP

Release Date: Out Now

I’m about 10 days late with this, strictly speaking, but sumptuous Geordie combo Kobadelta have a new EP out this October and it’s five tracks are really well worth your time and your ears. Recent single, ‘Hold Yr’self’, is as dark, sticky and lava lamp-esque as ever it was with that hypnotic melodic refrain weaving in and out of the swirl of Doors inspired guitars. On ‘Ride by the Light’ the darkness continues but the guitars take more of a leading role as the tune, pitched somewhere between the Zutons and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, glides relentlessly after its victim down a foggy, black and white Victorian street an hour after the last orders bell was tolled. There is a cinematic quality to the music of Kobadelta that will appeal to fans of the likes of Nick Cave and Arcade Fire but the delicious, treacly blackness is more akin to the tar pit that Queens of the Stone Age crawled from, fully formed, which is a wondrous thing.

‘Bathsheba’ has a slightly more garage feel about it with the drums urgently pushing things forwards as the bass rolls relentlessly like the paint in the middle of the road illuminated only by the single headlight of an old, beaten up motorcycle. I haven’t mentioned the vocals on this EP yet but the dark, lip curled swagger should, by rights, grace stages the world over from the dark, seedy bars of the remnants of the UK live music scene to the sacrificial hipster celebration of Coachella. These rich tones are particularly evident on the sprawling and expansive ‘Is This The Start Of Something Beautiful?’ which would easily grace any album by a Josh Homme project. The EP closes up with ‘You Don’t Need To Ask…’ and the dirty, grungy guitar sound is back with flavours of My Bloody Valentine and Richard Hawley all mingling in a huge cauldron of distortion and sexually charged vocal delivery. Kobadelta truly are a class act with tunes, ideas and (allegedly) a pretty comprehensive contract with the devil to let them live forever as long as they keep rocking.

Live Dates:

4th November – EP Launch @ The Head of Steam, Newcastle

11th November – O2 Academy, Newcastle w/The Doors Alive

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Gozer Goodspeed – Live @ The Inn On the Shore, Cornwall (14/10/2016) 

Live music is struggling right now. It’s the same story all over the UK in towns and cities; venues are closing at an alarming rate and pubs are preferring DJs or karaoke as a cheaper alternative when it comes to weekend entertainment. So it should be applauded when a venue bucks that trend and reintroduces live music to its agenda. Downderry’s Inn On the Shore is such a venue and Plymouth based bluesman was the man to kick off this new era of live music on the South-Cornwall coast.

With nothing but a guitar, a bag of songs and a hat (to be clear, he had other clothes too), Goodspeed set about a set of songs filled with the spirit of blues but touches of country, folk and good old fashioned rock’n’roll. Original compositions like ‘You Make Your Own Townhouse Bed’, ‘Faraway, Blissed Out & Free’ and ‘Attuned’ got the crowd’s attention with deft guitar touches switching to impassioned slide work with capo in full effect and the flick of a wrist. Goodspeed’s original compositions are superbly crafted, excellently performed and smoothly delivered on the guitar with his vocals keeping everything on message.

What I really enjoyed about this performance was the consummate ease with which he could incorporate well known melodies, snippets or full blown covers. At various points throughout the set, Goodspeed blended his own music in to tunes by the likes of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Violent Femmes, Paul Weller, Bob Marley and, bizarrely, the All Seeing I. The full cover of Lou Reed’s ‘Satellite of Love’ was a particular highlight of this side of Goodspeed’s set but my feet really got stomping to originals like ‘The Blue Man & The Headshrinker’ and ‘Rattlebone Colour’. There’s a new EP on the way in the new year and based on some of Goodspeed’s new material it’s well worth keeping an eye out for.

Live Dates:

29th October – The B-Bar, Plymouth w/Paul Armer + Jamie Yost

Thursday, 13 October 2016


Red Rosamond – Damn 
Red Rosamond - Damn

Release Date: Out Now

With a barrage of bullets coming as snare kicks LA’s Red Rosamond announces her arrival and new single ‘Damn’ pushes the saloon doors open to reveal the silhouette of a women hell bent on pleasure and revenge – and not necessarily in that order. Dripping in Dick Dale guitars, whip crack drums and a chord sequence to die for, ‘Damn’ is something fresh and something slightly dangerous in this day and age. Red Rosamond’s voice is huge and velvety like Florence Welch or Anna Calvi but soaked in a smooth old whisky. Essentially, if Tarantino were to release a Kill Bill 3, Red Rosamond would need to be cast in the film and ‘Damn’ would need to be the theme tune – it’s genuinely that good.

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Sofi de la Torre – Flex Your Way Out ft. Blackbear 
Sofi de la Torre - Flex Your Way Out

Release Date: Out Now

A Spanish singer, a Finnish producer and a guy from LA called Blackbear walk in to a studio (or more likely they never actually meet but record their parts separately, such is the nature of the music industry these days) and the result is ‘Flex Your Way Out’. The super slow-mo beats and sparse melodies give De La Torre’s voice space to emerge, breathily from the shadows. This is seductive pillow talk in its tone but then Blackbear’s more forthright vocal cuts through to make this argument duet bristle with a very real tension. There is raw emotion and genuine hurt on show here and despite the song growing in to a smooth, soulful pop ballad it is almost a little uncomfortable to listen to. It’s like watching a couple having a fight in a pub; you want to look away but you just can’t.

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