Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Charly Bliss – Westermarck 
Charly Bliss - Westermarck

Release Date: Out Now

I love this song. Straight up, infatuation on the train, love at first sight, love this song. Partly, it’s because New Yorkers Charly Bliss remind me of that period in the 90s when bands with female singers or all female bands were prominent and writing great tunes. ‘Westermarck’ is, by the band’s own admissions, bubblegum grunge but it’s also a slice of riot-girl garage with a razor blade smile and it’s damn infectious. From frontwoman Eva’s squeaky voice which is pure Tanya Donnelly to the perky drums and scuzzy guitars this is pure gorgeousness that reminds me why I loved Belly, Veruca  Salt and Lush so much back in the day. Consider the kick ass chorus and grunge-tastic pop-fuelled video and you’ve got yourself a song to fall in love to and with. Oh, and they’re heading to the UK for their first ever British dates too so that’s a bonus!

Live Dates:

23rd June – Garcias, Portchester
8th September – The Van Buren, Phoenix w/Deathcab For Cutie
9th September – High & Low Fest, San Bernadino
12th September – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
13th September – The Old Blue Last, London
14th September – The Garage, London w/Chastity Belt
15th September – Studio 2, Liverpool
16th September – Headrow House, Leeds
17th September – Hug & Pint, Glasgow
19th September – The Eagle Inn, Manchester
20th September – The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
28th September – MHOW, Brooklyn

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Nora Rothman – Truth Or Dare
Nora Rothman - Truth Or Dare

Release Date: Out Now

Without reading any of her press release I could have told you that Nora Rothman had a link to New York (she’s a native Los Angelean but living in the Big Apple) just because of her uber cool style and simplicity on new single ‘Truth Or Dare’. With the steady strum of a highly strung guitar and the vocal ability of Regina Spektor, Rothman creates the kind of subdued but cool indie song that is more often heard coming from awkward guys in beards and glasses. Throw in that voice though (‘that voice’) and you start to hear this song grow in confidence and passion in to something altogether more powerful and proud. After a few listens you still hear new things each time, like the soft male backing vocals that creep in almost apologetically and then staccato vocal that is totally Spektor but fits so well in to a song that really should be played over the closing scene of the next Woody Allen movie.

Live Dates:

19th July – EP Release Show @ The Hotel CafĂ©, Los Angeles

Watch the Video: 


Ferris & Sylvester – Berlin 
Ferris & Sylvester - Berlin

Release Date: Out Now

Were it not for the very ‘now’ video featuring some expressive dance and a lot of fairy lights, you could be forgiven for thinking that this tune came from the folk scene of the 60s and 70s. Ferris & Sylvester have a wonderful ability to weave their male/female vocals together to create something that is not only beautiful but also incredibly strong – like a multicoloured silk rope with which to hold on to your dreams. Musically, the acoustic guitar and Cello are nudged along by the steady beat but it’s the build and sweep of the strings that give this song it’s climactic moment that’s utterly wondrous. I don’t think there’s much you could do to improve on this tune or the tight melodies these two string together so just enjoy this taste of perfection on a summer’s eve. You won’t regret it.

Live Dates:

12th July – The Half Moon, Putney

Watch the Video: 

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Bowling for Soup – Don’t Be A Dick 
Bowling For Soup - Don't Be A Dick

Release Date: Out Now

Ah, Bowling For Soup. The kooky ones from the early 00s skate-punk scene who did a kid’s cartoon theme tune that, for some reason, I know off by heart. Well, this isn’t a comeback because I don’t think they ever went away for those that paid attention but this new single is so incredibly pertinent and to the point that it’s worth pausing to pay attention to – largely because it will get less radio play than that ‘Liar Liar’ song about how shit Theresa May is as a person. ‘Don’t Be A Dick’ is the new single and it’s basically skate-punk 101 with a sing-a-long chorus and a message that really couldn’t be any clearer – be nice, stop hating on strangers for the sake of it and just get the fuck on with your life with a smile on your face. There’s not much more to it than that to be honest so if you feel a little angry and fancy a bit of a pogo round your lounge while you sing Tenacious D level lyrics about people being dicks then you’ve found your soundtrack to that particular niche.

Live Dates:

27th June – Vans Warped Tour @ Tennessee State Fair, Nashville
29th June – Vans Warped Tour @ Lakewood Amphiteatre, Atlanta
30th June – Vans Warped Tour @ Tiner Field, Orlando
1st July – Vans Warped Tour @ Vinoy Waterfront Park, Saint Petersburg
2nd July – Vans Warped Tour @ Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre, WestPalm Beach
26th July – Vans Warped Tour @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights
28th July – Vans Warped Tour @ Starplex Pavilion, Dallas
29th July – Vans Warped Tour @ AT&T Center, San Antonio
30th July – Vans Warped Tour @ NRG Park, Houston

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Guts – Pick Me Up
Guts - Pick Me Up

Release Date: Out Now

OK folks, right now here in the UK we’re in the middle of the hottest June in my lifetime (official) so we need some super cool jams to stop our British selves from freaking out and doing stupid things on supermarket lager, you follow?  Praise the lord of hellfire then that Guts is back with a laid back slice of funk infused soul with a hint of afro beat and a little disco thrown in for good measure. That’s right, ‘Pick Me Up’ is the perfect tune to transition from lazing in your back garden because it’s too hot to do anything to starting to think about making the most of that warm evening air. Funky horn stabs, a nicely bobbing beat and the guest talents of Beat Assailant, Mary May and Wolfgang give this tune a real party vibe. So, grab a cold one (you’ve earned it), raise your hands up and let this one give you that involuntary hip sway you’ve been waiting all day to break out. Super cool.

Watch the Video: 

Monday, 19 June 2017


Dronningen – Sugarbox EP 
Dronningen - Sugarbox EP

Release Date: Out Now

Two Italians, a French woman and a guy from Hong Kong walk in to a bar and, well, they rock it. This is Dronningen, the London based quartet with a beautifully international flavour thanks to their personnel and they are back with their second EP, ‘Sugarbox’. Things kick off, in every sense, with ‘Taxi Driver’ – a song that combines the snarl of Gossip with the rock’n’roll of Band Of Skulls and cranks it up to 11 as they take a road trip with Travis Bickle. The buzz-saw guitars continue on ‘White Saliva’ as the relentless drums drive things home and frontwoman Beatrice Bonnano wails through the storm like someone screaming in to a jet engine. On ‘She’s Gone Insane’ the beat and riff pace is breathless as the punk meets garage vibe makes me want to start a tight little circle pit with anyone in the room (currently my cat so, y’know, not gonna happen).

At the end of this EP we come across title track ‘Sugarbox’ which maintains the pace but throws a circular, psyched-out organ riff in for good measure, not to mention the insane(ly good) solo that defies all logic. Frankly, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard an EP so unapologetic about what it is, what it’s saying and where it wants to go which makes this a very strong contender for EP of the year already. Heavy, frenetic and abrasive but oh so melodic and hooky as well. Last year this blog went gaga for new London band Berries but I think Dronningen have come along to play their arch-nemesis role so I think we should just sit back and let battle commence (just to be clear, I don’t know if the bands even now each other but I have a very fertile imagination and I make no apology for that).

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Live at the Finsbury, London – 22nd October 2017

That’s right, it’s official, Listen With Monger is returning to the English capital to be part of Blogtober for a second year running and boy have we got a treat for you. In 2016 we brought you Berries, Seaker, Pattern Pusher, Jamie Yost and Rosa Belle who have all gone on to great things in 2017 from playing at Camden Rocks Festival to being approached by international DJs for guest vocal work. So, what have we got in store for you this year and who is going to have an impact in the next year? Well keep reading and you’ll get a hint but I can’t recommend coming down to the night enough, it’s free after all. 

Paul Armer

Hailing from Saltash in Cornwall and opening affairs will be Paul Armer who follows in the footsteps of the likes of Billy Bragg and Frank Turner as wrings tunes from his guitar and passionate, blues-punk songs from his rasping throat. Armer has toured Europe with his songs and has carved himself a notch on the Devon/Cornwall musical bedpost but it’s time for the rest of the world to hear more of this man.