Thursday, 20 July 2017


Joe Boyd – Can You Believe It? 
Joe Boyd - Can You Believe It?

Release Date: Out Now

Londoner Joe Boyd is back with his 2nd single of 2017 and ‘Can You Believe It?’ has a real assured swagger about it. Simple strummed guitar and gentle beat are all that’s needed for Boyd’s soulful vocal to play out and seduce you in the small hours of the night. This is classy and sophisticated stuff with excellent production qualities and underplayed but well placed motifs that are just beautiful. As the strings swell towards the end, this tune takes on greater importance and you can feel the likes of Sam Smith and various boy-band drop outs looking nervously over their shoulders as this young and genuinely talented pretender is coming up on the outside. Keep an eye on Joe Boyd, I think he might just have something special going on here.


Balako – Hora De Balako (Greco-Roman Soundsystem) 
Balako - Hora De Balako

Release Date: Out Now

Diogo and Rodrigo are a pair of DJs and producers from Rio de Janeiro trading under the name of Balako and they have just produced one of the most infectious and influential tunes of the summer with an absolute beast of a bass line. ‘Hora De Balako’ pulses with tribal rhythms and is tense with Bond-esque strings but then that 70s disco bass line kicks in and suddenly the party starts with a real swing and plenty of glitz. There’s a movement in the middle that gives this a real feel of class and I would pay well over the odds to attend a party DJed by the kind of cats that could pull this off wich out breaking in to a sweat on their finely ironed shirts and tightly tied cravats. Hip doesn’t even come close.


Nine Inch Nails – Less Than (Columbia Records)
Nine Inch Nails - Less Than

Release Date: Out Now

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this latest release from LA super-goths Nine Inch Nails but, pleasingly, they’re still relevant and still trying new things – Christ, they were the house band in Twin Peaks the other week. ‘Less Than’ works sonically, that’s a given, but with the intense and relentless arcade feel of the accompanying video you really get a sense of the helpless hurtling that this song is trying to capture. The electro pulses and clenched-teeth vocals show why bands like Muse and Queens of the Stone Age drew so much on the influence of Trent Reznor and his assembled hired hands. There’s a triumphant, mosh inducing chorus and the kind of call-to-arms that we all need in a pretty fucked up world that seems to be spinning off its axis right now.

Live Dates:

23rd July – FYF Fest, Los Angeles
30th July – Panorama Festival, Brooklyn
15th September – Riot Fest, Chicago
21st October – Aftershock Festival, Sacramento

Watch the Video: 

Sunday, 16 July 2017


Gogol Bordello - Walking on the Burining Coal (Cooking Vinyl)
Gogol Bordello - Walking on the Burning Coal

Release Date: Out Now

Gypsy Punks Gogol Bordello are back with a new single in the shape of ‘Walking on the Burning Coal’ and it will please those fans who enjoy the band’s story telling side. Mariachi horns and flourishing guitars tell a story that is befitting of the climactic scene of a Tarantino or Scorsese movie. The gravelly vocals, wild-west vibes and fiddle melody that speaks of impending conflict all combine to make something steeped in drama and dripping in passion. Something to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping, that’s for sure.

Watch The Video: 


Siska - Need U Badly
Siska - Need U Badly

Release Date: Out Now

This might just be my favourite tune of the summer so far, largely down to the catchy chorus and refreshingly honest lyrics. French trip-pop artist Siska sings in English but with such a soft siren call of a voice that it really doesn’t matter what the language is on new single ‘Need U Badly’ – a title that feels like it came from a poorly translated T-shirt slogan. The sparse, skittish beat and woozy melody of the chorus provides the perfect foil for Siska’s soulful vocal to repeatedly state “I need you badly” with all the desperation and primal need inherent in the simple lyric. There are four remixes of the same song on this EP, all distinct in their own right, but it’s the first remix by Tom Fire that does this song the most justice so start there and see what else floats your boat.

Live Dates: 

28th July - Music Fesival, Gardanne
4th August - Urkult Festival, SE


King Faro - Fun
King Faro - Fun

Release Date: Out Now

So, strange thing, there is an advert for the DVD release of Beauty and the Beast that was playing at the start of this track due to me being too pure to get ad free Soundcloud. No biggie but the advert blended in to the soft melody at the start of this new release from King Faro. The New Jersey rapper is bringing ‘Fun’ as his new release and it’s a superbly light and summery slice of R’n’B tinged with a sense of sadness that you get at the end of a Sunday or when summer starts to die. Lyrically, this is pretty standard fare about girls, sex and, well, fun but it’s the music that makes this an intriguing listen as the keyboard melody floats on a warm breeze in to your subconscious. More beauty than the beast.


DeQn Sue – Messy 
DeQn Sue - Messy

Release Date: Out Now

There’s a sprinkly, early morning light vibe to this new track from DeQn Sue which is both playful but also means business, if you follow me. ‘Messy’ has a 50s feel to it in terms of the melody with strings and keys sounding like a classy commercial from back in the day but then DeQn Sue’s vocal has a real Kelis meets Corrine Bailey-Rae tone to it that is just gorgeous. The Jazz infused melodies are completly at odds with the lyric of “Messy, why do you hate me darlin’?” and this creates a really satisfying edge to this tune and ensures you stay hooked in for the duration. Delightful.